Targeted small groupwork with specialist staff
Worried about lack of progress or wellbeing?


If you have concerns about your child’s progress in a subject you should communicate with your child’s subject teacher or the Head of Faculty.

If you have concerns about your child’s progress more generally you should communicate with your child’s Head of House or the SENCo.

In our assessment cycle, teaching staff may also have concerns about lack of progress, or wellbeing.

If your child is then identified as not making progress, or concerns regarding wellbeing, the school will set up a meeting to discuss this with you in more detail and to:

  • Listen to any concerns you and your child may have.
  • Assess, plan and agree any additional support your child may receive.
  • Discuss with you and your child any referrals to outside professionals to support your child’s learning.

Heads of House meet the SENCo and Phase Leaders each fortnight to discuss strategies to support students who are concerning us.

All SEN support follows a pattern of Assess, Plan, Do and Review, parents and students are involved particularly in the plan and review stages of the process.

Assessment includes looking at subject levels, Cognitive Ability Tests and Literacy Tests as general screening tools for all students.

For students where we are looking at wellbeing we use a pastoral indicator and/or "The Boxall Profile".

For specific difficulties we use a phonological processing test. We may also observe students in class.