Targeted small groupwork with specialist staff
In The Classroom


Subject teachers aim to provide:

  • Excellent targeted classroom teaching.
  • Classrooms which are Needs friendly, catering for a wide range of learners including those with Autism and Dyslexia, for example.
  • Regular checking on the progress of each student and identifying, planning and delivering any addiitional help a student may need (this could be things like targeted work, special resources and additional support) and letting the SENco know as necesary.
  • Ensuring that the school's SEND policy is followed in their classroom and for all students they teach with any SEND.
  • Having the highest possible expectations for all students in their class.
  • Building on what a student already knows, can do and can understand.
  • Different ways of teaching, so that each student is fully involved in learning in class.
  • Specific strategies (which may be suggested by the SENco or outside staff) to support each student to learn.

In The Classroom